About Me

Marketing representative for a SERVPRO franchise by day, I am a writer and dreamer at night.

Glad to be back

I started in Nashua, New Hampshire, and then I moved around a lot through the decades.

Along the way, I spent three beautiful years on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and another three years on Oahu, Hawaii.

I have lived in eight states between those longitudes.

I love Massachusetts best.

Most days you will find me in Waltham.


Networking is my marketing style. I aim to meet at least three new people every working day.

Tell me who you want to meet. Maybe I can help.

Check out my networks here.


I soak up experience and pray I find a way to distill it all into prose before I lose my memories.

Want a blog post? Tell me what you do. Then give me a blank page.


I have strong opinions about duty and privilege. As a veteran, I know sometimes I must lace up my boots and march for the things that matter.

I hope my efforts contribute to a peaceful world.


I brought forth three boys in two-and-a-half years because I do not shrink from a challenge.

I won’t say it was easy, but we survived, and they are my favorite people.