Blogging for Business Benefit #6: Create Buzz

Blogging for Business Create Buzz imageBusiness blogs are a great way to introduce new products and services. You can even get valuable feedback to ensure your offerings are in line with customer expectations.

Customers who follow the conversation and contribute to the choices you make will feel invested in your products when they are released. They will feel like co-creators and will promote your offering.

Yes, you can get all that from your blog.

Instead of wasting money on focus groups and dubious marketing polls, you can go straight to the source and find out what your customers want most.

Involve Customers From the Start

As soon as your company starts considering a new product or service, drop some hints on the blog. Not only will you sow the seeds of interest with your readers, you will also leave breadcrumbs that people can go back and find when they wish to trace the genesis of your creation. Along with the steps you take to bring a new product or service to market, you write the story that will sell it.

Give the People What They Want

Poll your following for insights into their needs. Let them tell you what they want, so you can tailor your creation to meet an actual gap in the market. Launches fail to live up their promises when they satisfy the creative urges of their makers rather than the actual needs and desires of potential buyers.

They Will Put Words in Your Mouth

If you can get customers to share their deepest desires, some of their requests will inspire the copy you will use to sell your new product or service.

Imagine, you ask your customer what he wants, and he tells you exactly what he wishes someone would create. When you create that something, his original request will be a good description of your product. Furthermore, his words will sound completely authentic.

I know, it’s pretty cool.

Telling the Whole Story

Once you start creating, you will want to offer updates from time to time to keep readers aware of your progress. Take advantage of any opportunity to include them in decisions. Are you creating a product that will come in three colors? You could involve your readers in choosing one of the colors. Remember, the more involved they feel in the creation process, the more invested they will be in the success of your launch.

Heading for a Happy Ending

As I said, the entire process, from conception, to surveys that refine the creation, to the launch and success of the product or service, will become one of the stories that you tell on your blog. Your creation will be a narrative that blog readers will feel like they lived along with you, about a product they will feel they helped design.

Here’s a little ninja trick for your blog – when you launch your product, go back to all those early breadcrumbs and link them forward to your sales page. The search engines love when your pages are interlinked, and you will give every new reader a short cut to the product page.

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This is the sixth in a series of ten benefits of blogging for business.

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