Blogging for Business Benefit #1: Blog content improves SEO

This is the first in a series of posts about the benefits of blogging for business.

Image of number one and S E OWhen considering the value of  blogging for business, the most important benefit is that a blog does wonders for your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

While providing useful content on a regular basis, your business blog will attract readers who help make your content look useful to the search engines. In addition, this content will naturally contain keywords related to customer searches, and each post will become another chance someone might find your site when they search online for topics related to your business.

Blogs and SEO

SEO refers to all the things a webmaster should do to make a website appealing to the search engine bots. These bots crawl the Internet looking at websites and making judgment calls on the value of those sites. Because they cannot actually comprehend the content they “read,” these bots look for keywords and tags that tell them what kind of information is provided on a web page.

Web Bot Friendly

Blogs have a structure that makes it clear to the bots where the titles and descriptions are on the page without requiring the person entering the content to understand complicated coding. Many small businesses use a blogging platform like WordPress because it makes SEO easy to accomplish without a lot of training.

User Friendly

Once a site has a blogging platform installed, administrative employees can add new content as often as necessary using a visual editor similar to Word or OpenOffice. These user friendly platforms allow a business to quickly create and publish content that then gets indexed by the web bots.

Of course, if the content on the blog is related to the business, then keywords will be used naturally in the course of writing the blog posts. The more content related to and containing the keywords, the more authority the search engines will believe the site has in those keywords.

Reader Friendly

The search engines also monitor the behavior of visitors to your site to get a better understanding of the value to actual human beings. Stuffing pages with keywords will not please human readers and the search engines have developed elaborate algorithms to fight against keyword spam.

Fortunately, a blog will not have that problem when the writers seek to inform and engage readers and potential customers. By providing a good mix of useful information and the right keywords to attract searchers, your blog will improve your website’s SEO.

Adding Fresh Content

In order to maximize the benefit of a blog for your SEO strategy, you will want to add blog posts on a regular basis. The web bots are always looking for fresh content, and each new post will pull them back to your site.

If you find you cannot keep up with your blogging schedule, consider hiring a freelance writer who can help you meet your goals. Remember, the more content you add, the more chances you have to rank high in the search engines and the more targeted prospects you will draw to your website.

Contact Tammi Kibler today to learn how a blog for your business will help you improve your website SEO.

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