Top 10 Benefits of Blogging for Business

image of blogging for business keyboardSome small businesses are still wary of blogging for business success. Their owners question whether it is worth the time and expense to write posts, or whether negative comments will damage their online reputation.

Meanwhile, their competitors have found that business blogging improves rankings in the search engines and becomes a powerful tool for communicating with customers and prospects.

Consider these benefits when weighing the value of blogging for your business.

Top 10 Benefits of Blogging for Business

1. Blog content increases the odds that search engines will find your site.

Without even trying hard, you will use your keywords naturally in the course of blogging about your business. Each post becomes another way someone might find you on Google.

2. Blog posts answer customer questions.

It is a simple model:

  • Customers have questions,
  • You answer those questions in posts,
  • Future prospects read those answers.

This may even save you time later on when you do not have to answer questions from potential customers.

3. You can tell your story.

Marketing is about relationships, and relationships are about stories. Customers read your stories, and they become invested in you and your success. They come to feel as if they know you. This makes it very difficult for them to imagine replacing you with another company.

4. Blogging for business increases customer satisfaction.

Your posts can share important details, like maintenance schedules and do-it-yourself tips, that help your customer get the most value from your product or services.

5. Blogs give you an opportunity to respond to unhappy customers.

When customers want to complain, your blog can be that forum where they express their displeasure, and you will get an opportunity to make them happy. Negative feedback is a gift when you can contain it on your site and respond in a way that improves customer service.

6. You can create buzz about future promotions.

Business blogs are a great way to introduce new products and services. You may even get valuable feedback you can use to ensure your offerings are in line with customer expectations.

7. Blogs are a great place to share customer testimonials.

When someone thanks you for a successful transaction, you can blog about it and show prospects what they can expect from doing business with you.

8. Blog posts become a narrative you can use for other marketing pieces.

You can gather together topical posts and create:

  • An e-book you use as a giveaway for growing your email list;
  • A webinar for prospects or colleagues;
  • Educational materials for new employees.

Once you have the words, you will find many ways to reuse your business blog content.

9. Blogging for business demonstrates your expertise.

The more customers read, the more they will believe in your authority in your field, and the more committed they become to buying your products and services. The written word has a powerful effect on people’s perception of your value.

10. Your blog is a permanent customer magnet.

Long after a post is published, it will continue to draw new prospects to your site and into your marketing funnel.

Whatever your goals for your small business, a blog can help you achieve those goals faster. If you need help setting up a blog or keeping up with regular posting, a professional freelance writer can help your find the words that sell your brand.

Contact Tammi Kibler today to learn more about the benefits of blogging for business.

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