How to Spam Comments, Alienate Bloggers, and Ruin Your Site’s Good Name

Many search engine optimization (SEO) gurus and blog owners recommend using blog comments to build credibility in your niche and create back links to your website. While this is useful to a point, some new webmasters take this recommendation to mean that any links of any quality left on any blog post will promote their internet marketing goals.

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Spam in blogs is big business. At least 80% of the comments most blogs receive are spam. With such a lucrative and easy method of creating back links you may be wondering how you can implement this strategy sure to antagonize others.

How to Spam Comments – Basic Instructions

It is very simple. You visit 50-100 blogs a day and leave a comment on at least one post of each blog. Most of those sites (the only ones you are going to bother to revisit anyway) allow you to leave a live link back to your website. So at the end of the day you have 50+ back links. Woohoo!

Can you imagine how long it would have taken you to earn those back links the old fashioned way? Consider the challenge of writing an article that attracts 50 inbound links. Now try to do it again tomorrow, and the day after that. Not so easy, eh?

Or maybe you could write 50 articles a day and submit them to directories. 50 unique articles, that would take some doing.

But 50 comments, that’s doable. You are gaming the system. You are smarter than the average webmaster. Go you!

How to Spam Comments – Keyword Anchor Text

Of course, blog comment back links are worth even more if you can use keywords as the anchor text for the link instead of your name, so you start leaving your name as High Density Drill or Stretch Mark Cream. Who cares? That could be your real name, anyway. Gwyneth Paltrow has a daughter named Apple. Michael Jackson called his son, Blanket. Who is to say your name isn’t Careplan for Postpartum Mom?

Remember, you’re doing the site a favor by visiting their blog.

Then maybe you realize that some sites don’t post your comments unless you use what looks like a real name. So you figure the keyword name strategy only pays if you see that others’ comments are getting posted that way too on that blog.

This is really annoying. You are pretty tired from all this reading and commenting and now you’re finding out that some of your comments were a waste of your time. GRRR!

Don’t despair. If you add a blog on your website, you will start to notice the CommentLuv activated blogs. When you comment on a CommentLuv enabled site and leave a link to a website has a blog, you get two links for the price of one. One links backs to the top of your domain, the other shows the title of your latest blog post. If your post title has keywords, you have that anchor text working for you.

Plus, many CommentLuv sites also use KeywordLuv so you can leave a “real” name plus keywords as the anchor text for your top domain link.

Woohoo, now you can visit 50 blogs a day and get 100+ back links. How’s that math? You are smarter than that geek you paid to complete your geometry homework in high school.

image of money in spam comments post

How to Spam Comments – Time is Money

It takes a lot of time to read through the whole post and write a reasoned response. Besides some bloggers don’t leave you much to add to a post. Never fear, here are some tips to accelerate the process:

  1. Copy and paste a generic phrase like “You give good contents. I will be back someday.” Everybody likes praise and promises. You have to be careful to craft a phrase that isn’t already blacklisted by spam filters though (like the ubiquitous “Great post!”)
  2. Copy and paste a generic statement related to a keyword in your website’s niche. Then search for that keyword in a search engine to find relevant posts. As long as a post mentions the subject, you should be good. “Marketing makes good sense when you know your customer,” should fly on any post that mentions a market, whether it is about the stock market, a supermarket, or even third world markets in the 21st century.
  3. If you don’t have time to think up your own comment, just copy and paste one off someone else’s website. Spam does not need to be original.
  4. Figure out which blogs post comments without moderation and visit those posts every day. Try not to get upset if there isn’t a new post every day, some bloggers are really lazy and don’t have your link strategy foremost in their minds. Or maybe they are off building links themselves.
  5. Two links per comment? That’s for amateurs. Gifted comment spammers use basic HTML to bloat their comments with links.

Using these strategies you can easily leave 50 comments per day and get 150+ links. Does the pope need a webmaster? You could probably teach the Big Guy a thing or two about His seach engine results page (SERP).

How to Spam Comments – Information Age Learns from the Industrial Revolution

The next step in the evolution of the spam commenter is to find some way to do more, faster. If 50 comments per day increase your Alexa rating by 500K, what would 200 or 300 comments do? Besides, visiting all those blogs and posting all those comments takes a lot of time. Presumably you are already running a business. It only makes sense for you to outsource this drudgery.

Maybe you can find a comment farm or factory that will churn out thousands of comments each day. Some of these appear to shoot for ten links per post, either because they are serving so many customers or so they don’t need to be concerned about having a majority of their comments deleted.

If you are not able to find a comment factory that meets your needs, you can hire people to post comments. These jobs pay pennies for blog comments that meet standards like:

  • Comment must be at least 50 words and use the keyword XXXX.
  • Comment must be on a post that references keyword XXXX.
  • Post must be on a blog with a page rank of 3 or 4 and which moderates comments.
  • Comment must pass moderation and go live.

Wow, now you are cooking with grease. You may even be smarter than Google.

spam comment danger image

How to Spam Comments – Alienate Bloggers

Unfortunately, all this is too good to be true. You can’t just run around posting links and soaking up all the juice and expect that no one is going to have a problem with it. The 500 pound gorilla we all know as Google certainly has a problem with it and as a consequence, many bloggers do too. No blogger can afford to offend the gorilla.

Let’s try to see the bloggers’ side for a few minutes.

  1. Off topic comments linking to out-of-niche sites make a blog look like a mess to other readers. Besides, Google can shut a blog out of their SERP if it looks spammy or they suspect it is involved in a link exchange.
  2. In order to keep their blogs clean, many bloggers moderate their comments. This starts clogging a blogger’s email when spam comments number above ten per day. Also this can backfire when fans of the blog get frustrated if their comments don’t go live right away.
  3. Some bloggers use a capcha or other human verification system before allowing a comment to go live. This helps rule out the bots, but does nothing about the human spam commenters.
  4. In frustration, many bloggers have turned to spam filters like Akismet. These filters gather information from thousands of bloggers and block comments that look like spam because they meet conditions flagged in their algorithm or due the reports of others bloggers.

image of spam comment duckBy the time a blogger has gotten this frustrated, the I may look like a duck and I may quack like a duck, but I am really a grade A chicken and you should give me the benefit of the doubt argument is just exasperating.

Bloggers cry cut the quack or I will call you a duck because they just don’t have the time or inclination to research whether you are friend or fowl. They are busy creating content, building a business, and making their little piece of the web the very best that they can.

How to Spam Comments – Ruin Your Site’s Good Name

You need to be concerned because these exasperated bloggers, and I admit that I am one of them, hold the power of reporting your comments as spam. If they are using a filter like Akismet, they can mark your comment as spam and if this happens often enough, your domain or your email will be considered spam automatically. When you comment on a blog that uses a spam filter to which you have been reported several times, your comment will go directly to spam, and if the blogger does not fish your comment out of the spam bucket, it is lost to eternity.

Additionally, some bloggers will see your comment in their spam folder and form negative opinions about you or your website simply based on the fact that you have been marked as spam.

Worse, Google might decide to devalue your site or your links. They are vague about what they will do and why, but they are clear in their position that they are against comment spam and for quality content and natural links.

But hey, you are smart. You could have figured out for yourself that nothing on the internet is so easy. If all we had to do was post comments to get traffic, we would all quit creating content on our own websites and just add comments to the billions of blog posts already in existence.

Tomorrow I will post tips on how to use blog commenting to promote your blog without appearing to be spam. Blog commenting is not a terrible strategy as long as you stay on topic and engage with blog owners.

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