Twitter Is Not a Radio Station: How You Miss the Point and Drive Followers Away

Twitter not radio stationI know Twitter can be tough at first. You may not know what to tweet, and your early Twitter connections may set horrible examples for you. The temptation to share your latest blog post or other promotion every time you log on may feel overwhelming.

Trumpeting your message over and over on Twitter fails. It fails because Twitter is not a radio station and because true followers, the ones that interact with you and may someday become customers, will not respond well to a continually self-promotional stream.

Consider the broadcast radio model.

Radio stations broadcast news and entertainment that listeners want to hear. Every now and then, the station interjects its advertising in the form of station identification, sponsorship acknowledgement, and commercials.

On the one hand you have your content, and on the other, you have your repetitive brand messages.

Those brand messages repeat so that listeners absorb them and the brand becomes part of their consciousness.

Striking a Balance

Every radio station strives to provide the right balance of content and brand messaging. More brand messages can lead to more revenue only when those messages do not overpower the content that draws listeners in the first place.

If they dilute the content with too many commercials, the listeners go away and the ad revenue soon dries up as well.

Tweets Are Not Commercials

What happens when businesses get on Twitter is that they manage their tweets like they are managing a radio ad campaign. They will tweet the same message over and over, periodically, like they are running ads on the radio.

A tweet is not a commercial though, a tweet is the foundation of the content on Twitter.

Remember, your tweet itself is the news, information, or entertainment that will or will not attract people to pay attention.

The commercial message is right there too, in every single tweet, in the thumbnail and the Twitter handle. This message brands your content and cements your business in the customer’s mind.

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Your challenge is to offer tweets so useful or fun, that followers recognize your brand in their Twitter stream as something they want to read and share.

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radio photo courtesy of S. Diddy

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